Three ways to partner:

Funds Raised to date: $16,873 of $40,000 Adoption Cost

(Updated April 15th, 2019)

1. One Time Tax Deductible Gift:

  1. Please visit our fundraising page here

  2. Click give to this adoption

  3. Enter the amount you'd like to give

  4. Enter your name and email, and opt in to hide your information

  5. Agree to terms

  6. Feel free to leave a supportive message for us!

  7. Click donate now to complete.

2. Meet with us and pay/mail via check!

A check saves us the 5% fee lost through online giving. We would love to meet with you over coffee or lunch and share with you our entire journey and story while maximizing your gift.

3. Make A Recurring Gift for our Mission Budget

This recurring gift will go towards our mission budget for monthly expenses while we’re on the ground for 18 months serving alongside of the baby cottage and their needs, all while fostering to adopt our child in our home. This is very crucial to the process because Uganda requires a volunteer/missionary visa to enter the country for as long as we’ll be there for. This means we will not be earning income, and this monthly gift will be how you can personally invest in the work we will be doing with our hearts and hands during the 18 month stay.

Monthly commitments to date: $135 of Monthly $2,000 Mission Budget

(Updated April 18th ‘19)